Recommended reading

Below are excerpts from several articles on blogging (plus one on journal writing–just substitute blog for journal while you’re reading). You can read them at any point in the process. To go to the original article, click the more link at the end of every excerpt.

If you want to skip these for now and get started creating your blog, go to Day 1 Assignment – Start.

I’m providing these articles as guidelines that you can take or leave depending on whether they work for you. For example, I don’t agree with the rigid writing methods presented in the journal article. But it does have some good ideas about how journal (read blog) writing can help writers.

(All of the grammatical errors below are theirs, not mine.)

Weblogs: A History and Perspective by Rebecca Blood

The blogger, by virtue of simply writing down whatever is on his mind, will be confronted with his own thoughts and opinions. Blogging every day, he will become a more confident writer. A community of 100 or 20 or 3 people may spring up around the public record of his thoughts. Being met with friendly voices, he may gain more confidence in his view of the world; he may begin to experiment with longer forms of writing, to play with haiku, or to begin a creative project–one that he would have dismissed as being inconsequential or doubted he could complete only a few months before. more…

Why Good Writers Keep Journals by Ruth Folit

Skilled writers have developed their own voices — unique ways to express themselves. They have learned to open the windows to their inner workings for insightful perspectives into themselves and the rest of their worlds. How do writers record these everyday flashes of insight and noteworthy musings that might otherwise evaporate into oblivion? A Chinese proverb states, ‘The palest ink is stronger than the most miraculous memory.’ more…

How To Blog About Everything Right by GirlCapitalist

If you’re going to blog about your life successfully, you’ve got to be a good enough writer that we care about what you’ve got to say. Your writing itself, which is your medium, should sparkle and give the reader something that will keep them coming back. Your personality should come through your writing. more…

The Secret to a Successful Blog Post by Darren Rowse

Are you looking to start a blog but have absolutely no idea how to write a blog post? On the outside it may seem simple as if you were writing a short essay. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what you are doing. One thing I’ve learned and helped others learn is that blogging is actually quite different than what Mrs. Talbot taught us in the 10th grade. Instead of worrying about the placement of your concrete details, take a look at the following key elements that can make a great blog post: more…

How to be a conversational blogger who people listen to by Brian Clark

The reason why a story works better than a simple statement of opinion is because it in turn evokes vivid mental imagery in your reader’s minds, based on their own memories of experiences. You’ve now created a relational bond with your readers that makes it more likely that they will see (and agree with) your point of view. Don’t tell them that you’re right; let them tell themselves that you’re right, based on their own similar experiences. more…

Tell a tantalizing story to kick off your blog post by Brian Clark

We’ve talked a lot about the power of stories to connect, captivate and persuade, and that’s why they are such a great way to grab hold of a reader right away before they become distracted by something shinier. more…

10 Reasons Commenting is Good For Bloggers by Chris Garrett

Blogging is partly a networking activity. People are more likely to link to you (or more) if they have heard of you. Get yourself out there, make friends. more…

Rhetorical Strategies/Literary Devices

Rhetorical Strategies for Essay Writing 

The History of Hypertext by Shahrooz Feizabadi – For those who might be interested in how hyperlinking in text imitates the cognitive functions of the human brain.

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